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Do you have experience with restorative justice? Share your story with us!


Storytelling is one of our most powerful tools. It promotes healing, breaks down shame and stigma, and shows us we are more alike than we think. During restorative justice processes, affected parties, whose voices usually aren't amplified in the criminal legal process, are empowered to be heard, to share the impacts of harm and their resulting needs. Responsible parties are encouraged to share the context around the harm they caused as a first step to identifying a new path forward. Finally, community volunteers participate to support healing—with an eye toward transforming their communities. 

If you'd like your story to be seen or heard by a wider audience, the first step to sharing your story is to fill out this quick form. From there, we'll reach out to chat more. We're happy to work with you to find the right tool and platform for you, whether you want to submit a piece of writing, an art piece, or an interview, and whether you want your story shared on our stories page, on our social media, directly with community stakeholders, or whatever else you have in mind! You can always choose to share anonymously.

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