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Balla Sankareh

Youth Restorative Services Coordinator


I have worked with youth in a variety of roles and settings, including as a high school teacher, behavior interventionist, and case manager. I have worked in the CJC context since 2017, first as the full-time BARJ case manager at the Franklin Grand Isle Restorative Justice Center., and since 2019, here in Burlington. Throughout my personal life and professional career, I have been focused on engaging youth in ways that are empowering, meaningful, and accessible. As a high school teacher in rural Gambia, my focus was not only on students’ academic experience, but I was committed to understanding their strengths and challenges and instilling in them a sense of confidence and self-worth. My intimate knowledge and practice of restorative justice have roots in my home country of The Gambia where communities often address conflict through dialogue, engagement, and accountability. Additionally, my skills and training in motivating interviewing, non-violent communication, and family group conferencing allow me to support youth and their families in successfully achieving their set goals.


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