Zoe Jeka

Community Mediation Coordinator


I’ve landed at the BCJC with more than six years of experience in community organizing, conflict mediation, and facilitation, as well as a spirit of humility, excitement, and curiosity to learn from my coworkers and larger community. After beginning a path of justice work through union organizing in college, I went on to pursue passions in seedkeeping, prison abolition, and fundraising for social movements. A lover of hard work, I took my skills in political education and group leadership to Colorado for two seasons, where I led trail crews in the high Rockies, facilitating restorative justice processes and developing curriculum on systems of power along the way. I’m just beginning to make a home in Vermont with my partner, dog, and widening circle of friends. In my free time, I enjoy playing my guitar, reading a good novel by the fire, saving rare Polish seed varieties, and being in the mountains.